My name is Baile Winslow and I am a student-athlete and marketing major at the University of Northern Colorado. I will graduate in a few months (May 2017) and I am looking forward to starting my career in Digital Marketing. I will be blogging about my experiences as a member of the Women’s Golf Team and how I find them to be relevant to marketing. So, stay tuned. This should get interesting.

I am a Kansas native and grew up in the great suburb of Overland Park. I took this picture of the sunflowers in the Crossroads art district of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. They remind me of my deep roots back in the midwest and the creativity found in that part of town. Although I love where I came from, I have fallen in love with the mountain air and am open to living in Kansas or Colorado.

I love golfing. My dad brought the sport to our family, after playing at Columbia University. I came a little late to the golfing party, starting when I was 14 (I thought, “gentlemen only ladies forbidden”..right?), nonetheless I picked up the game and earned myself a college scholarship. My older brother, Joseph, plays on PGA Tour Latino America. My younger brother, Michael, is in eighth grade and has the golfing bug as well. We make up a pretty killer four-some. My mom is the most devout spectator.

When I’m not working on advertising campaigns for class or playing golf you can find me practicing modern calligraphy, rolling out my yoga mat, or hiking in the mountains. I also enjoy a deep conversation and a glass of wine.


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