Qualifying + Marketing = Career Prep

This last week our team had to qualify for our upcoming tournament (March 3-4) in Sedona, Arizona. Qualifying is when we play multiple rounds of 18 holes and the lowest five players get to travel to the next tournament. I made it into the line-up for this next tournament. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes! But first, I want to talk about a few things I learned from keeping my spot on the team. I think you’ll find this experience relatable to the working world.

Stay ahead of the game (or market)

In qualifying, I am being directly compared to my teammates. It’s important for me to be working as hard as possible on my game, getting tips on what to improve, and staying focused in practice. It’s also important for me to know what my teammates are doing so I can push myself to new limits.

In marketing, we compare our company to our competitors. Knowing what our competition is up to helps us stay one-step ahead using these competitors as motivators to improvement. In Digital Marketing, we can use analytics to find out how far ahead/behind we are from our competition. Being in a constant state of evaluation, will help us reach out goals and surpass our competition.

Keep pushing

Even when I try to work harder than others, I can still be beat. It is important for me to continue to push myself. Hard work is not instant gratification. Hard work shows days, weeks, months, even a year from now. If I give up before I see results, I may have missed seeing the fruits of my labor.

In Digital Marketing its easy to get discouraged by getting outbid by a competitor in AdWords or lacking engagement after an extensive social media campaign. When this happens, evaluate what went right and what went wrong. Maybe you were on the right track and gave up before your company saw results. Maybe it was a bad idea and needed improvement. When we keep pushing towards our goals, results will come! Keep your head up.

Be positive 

If there is anything you take from this post it is to be positive. In qualifying I can get very nervous, I start thinking about all the bad shots I could hit or if I don’t play well I wont qualify for the tournament. Negativity can spiral out of control! Without keeping a positive mentality before, during and even after the round, there would be a very little chance of making the team. Whether it is positive quotes on my bathroom mirror or a listening to a guided meditation before the round, surrounding myself with a positive environment has made me successful.

What does your workplace do to implement a positive atmosphere? Do you have team meetings with cupcakes on Monday morning? Do you leave the office for a walk at lunchtime? Or are you actively pursuing a friendly working environment? If you feel like your workplace could use a bit of positivity, try adding a marker board in the lounge where employees can write a quote. Put a picture of your dog on your desk. Or open a window and get some fresh air flowing! Need more ideas? I love this article about bringing positivity into your workplace. Remember, a positive workplace begins with you. When you make the change, others will follow.

This week I challenge you to find out how you can stay ahead of your competition. Write down three of your best ideas right now (there’s no such thing as a bad idea), then over the next few days try to improve them. Ask for your trusted friends, co-workers, and even family members how they would improve them. Do some research and see if it’s been done before. At the end of the week look at your ideas and see how you could implement them into your work. Good luck!



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